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What Is Pay Per Call Marketing Riverbank California

And the money? Yes, I know sending someone free stuff isn’t going to make us productive, but hear me out. The goal here is to wait long enough until we’ve sent them a few PAYING customers. After a few weeks or amount of calls we send the business owner, we are going to contact them again and ask how the calls have been working out.

If they sound happy with the calls you’ve been sending, it’s time for phase 2. We are going to tell the business owner that we have a lot more call volume available and ask them if they are interested in purchasing more calls. Look, at this point, how we get paid depends on the business you are trying to work with.

Pay Per Call Advertising Riverbank California

But, I’ve also had dentists who were willing to pay $150-200 if I delivered people who booked a free cleaning. The point is if we are sending quality traffic, it is almost always better to get a commission based on the sales made, rather than getting paid per lead. We have the potential to make a lot more money while also lowering the risk that is presented to the small business owner.

If for whatever reason, your client turns out to be untrustworthy and claims you have not delivered any sales, this can cause problems. However, with the use of some pay per call tools that we’ll be going into in more detail, we can mitigate this risk with the use of proper tracking.

Pay Per Call Marketng Service Riverbank California

Easy To Access Offers The benefit of going with a national campaign through an affiliate network comes down to speed and ease. What I mean by that is, it’s much easier to get access to an offer through an Affiliate network over signing your own clients. Payments are also much more manageable when dealing with an affiliate network.

Access to a buddy of mine Gene Morris as your AM, be sure to use this link: / use code to get Gene as your AM. Cons – Limited offer selection, but from what I’ve been told, this will change. Pros – Great high paying offers Cons – Low amount of offers Pros – A lot of good offers with excellent customer service (Proactive AM’s) Cons – Some offers are not as advertised.

Can Pay Per Call Use Local Numbers Riverbank California

If you are starting, I almost always recommend that you start with national offers while you work on building up your local client base. Or, if you have a severe budget and excellent quality, go after the national clients directly 😉 This will allow you to test out different niches quickly, without much risk.

Finally, with the use of a few tools, you can even use your national campaign as a backup offer if, for whatever reason, your local client isn’t answering the phone. This allows you to attempt to connect every caller with a “live” client. Many small business owners don’t have their own dedicated office and receptionists.

Pay Per Call Sign Up Riverbank California

Once you scale up your operation, you can hire freelancers to provide warm transfer services. This is great for local clients who may be on a job site and not available to answer calls. If the above statement discourages you, remember that the higher barrier to entry something has, the less competition there will be.

With call tracking, however, we can know exactly where a call came from. It gets better! Call tracking platforms to allow you to: Track search, digital and offline marketing campaigns Record and listen to incoming phone calls Get the name, phone number, and city of the caller Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Source: Plum, Voice An Interactive Voice Response, known as an IVR, allows you to connect the caller with the person they are seeking correctly.

Best Pay Per Call Advertising Riverbank California

We can set up a calling survey asking them what they need before sending them off. Press 1) for emergency plumbing services Press 2) for general plumbing work Press 3) for water plumbing Press 4) for gas services This can be informative and as long as you’d like, but do remember this is a live person on the phone, so try to keep it short and concise.

This allows you to have multiple clients who are looking for particular types of call leads, which both improve user experience by connecting them with someone who can help them. Pay Per Call What Is It Riverbank California. In turn, this improves your lead quality for the same reasons. When working with National level campaigns, they almost always use an IVR for what is referred to as call treatment.

Pay Per Call Average Payout Riverbank California

Now, as I mentioned, almost all advertisers and pay per call affiliate networks use call tracking. I highly suggest that you use them as well! Call Tracking When running campaigns for a client or even as an affiliate, it's important to have a pay per call tracking solution. One I'm currently looking into is Ringba, which is an inbound call tracking platform for pay per call.

This will allow you to convert potential customers and clients who otherwise would not have saved if they only had access to a phone number. By having a landing page, you can give your visitors the option to convert into a lead in other ways, such as joining an mailing list, submitting a point through a web-form or even merely getting more information about the offer before making a decision.

What Is A Qualified Lead For Pay Per Call Riverbank California

Who is most likely to need what you have to offer? Is your target audience single, in a relationship, or married? This usually only applies to B2B, but it can also be beneficial in B2C. How educated is your potential buyer? Knowing this will help you perfect your marketing message later on.

To do this, however, you will need to know which keywords your target audience is actively searching for. The first method is to visit Google. com and type in the root phrase of what your offer provides. In the example above I Googled “Plumber” and allowed Google suggested search to show me keywords.

Why Do Small Businesses Need Pay-per-call Riverbank California

It gets better Granted, our particular offer can provide water heater services, the next step is to Google “water heater”We now get the most searched services for water heater – repair, replacement & installation. Repeat this process for any other service that your offer provides. Create a list of highly targeted and valuable keywords.

Pay Per Call Campaigns Riverbank CaliforniaPay Per Call Service Riverbank California

However, if someone searches “need a plumber” or “call plumber,” then this indicates that the visitor needs to call a plumber right this moment and is not interested in doing any research. Common sense goes a long way when running keyword campaigns, which will help make you much more profitable. Pay Per Call What Is It Riverbank California.

What Runs Where Pay Per Call Riverbank California

Just be sure not to cause friction where it doesn’t need to be. If the visitor's intent is to call a plumber, don’t lessen your chances of converting them by sending them to a page that may distract them. Look for buyer intent keywords and start with those when first starting.

Pay Per Call Sign Up Riverbank CaliforniaSet Up A Pay Per Call Number Riverbank California

Traffic Sources for Pay Per Call Now, this should go without saying, but I know someone will screw this up and blame me. Some of the traffic methods that I will be covering are on some offers. If you are running Pay Per Call campaigns with an affiliate network, be sure to check with your affiliate manager before running traffic.

Pay Per Call Marketing Companies Riverbank California

Do people call directly from search results? Matomy Media & Invoca As I mentioned, quality comes at a price. I’ve seen pay per call campaigns for specific keywords cost more than what I’d even be paid for the call. Setting up Adwords pay per call campaigns is both quick and easy and will be one of your highest volume traffic sources.

We will go over this in more detail further in this guide. Facebook When I mention using Facebook ads for pay per call campaigns, many people are confused – which is understandable. How often have you made a phone call from a Facebook ad? Probably not often, if at all.

Set Up Pay Per Call Number Riverbank California

That isn’t to say that you shouldn’t take advantage of Facebook for some niches! There is a way to make Facebook work even for a niche such as a local plumber, but it’ll take a bit more work. Niches that do work on Facebook are non-time sensitive type offers; (e.



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